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Girls' Circle

girls circle flyer

Girls’ Circle Permission Form

My daughter,                                                                                  , has my permission to participate in the fall 2018 session of the Girls’ Circle, which meets on Mondays, starting in October on a rotating schedule during school hours, at no cost to my family or to the school. I understand that the Girls’ Circle encourages creative and verbal expression and that the circle guidelines that follow provide the foundation for circle communication.

  1. Everything heard and said in the circle stays in circle. It’s confidential. Only matters which indicate possible harm to or by a circle participant will be revealed.
  2. We can “pass” whenever we choose. No one will be pressured to speak.
  3. We will talk about our own experiences. If we talk about others, it is only to explain how they affect us in some way.
  4. We will not try to advise others, but listen to them. If they ask for advice, we will share any experience we have that might be useful.
  5. We will avoid interrupting others.
  6. We will accept other’s opinions or feelings as their own, without making them out to be wrong when they thing differently.
  7. We will participate in each meeting. If we have to miss, we will phone the facilitator before the meeting, so people will know what’s happening with us.

I understand that attendance is important for my daughter and the group as a whole, and I will do what I can to support the circle experience. I understand that I may contact Kristen Batchelder at 530.674.1885, extension 115, or Cynthia Martinez at 530.674.1885, extension 114, with any questions or comments about the Girls’ Circle.



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