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Clubs and Activities

2023-2024 Clubs and Advisors

Anime/Japanese Club - Yuko McWhorter
Athletic Club - Todd de Vlaming
Band Club - Anthony Harmon
Book Club - Josh Harlan/Kristen Batchelder
Chamber Music Club - Zach Zumstein
Chess Club - Anton Dresler
Crochet Club - Christine Duckels
CSF/CJSF - Kristen Batchelder
Dance Club - Lena Webb-Magee
Debate Club - Mat Fridrich
Drama Club - Matt DeMeritt
Dungeons and Dragons Club - Zach Zumstein
Environmental Club - Anton Dresler/Lena Webb-Magee
E Sports Club - Anton Dresler
Excel Club - Kristen Batchelder
GSA - Mat Fridrich/Lena Webb-Magee/Anna Mitchell
Interact Club - Matt DeMeritt/Anna Mitchell
Link Crew - Gabe Coomes/Daniel Tejada/Anna Mitchell
Literary Magazine Club - Josh Harlan/Kristen Batchelder
Multi-Cultural Club - Christine Duckels/Chor Yang/Daniel Tejada
National Art Honor Society - Glen Weisgerber
Poetry Club - Vanessa Ramirer
Student Leadership - Daniel Tejada
Tech Club - Valeri Mathews/Christine Duckels
Yearbook Club - Mat Fridrich

2023-2024 Class Advisors

12th Grade - Larry Yocum/Mat Fridrich 
11th Grade - Todd deVlaming/Christine Duckels                                                                                 
10th Grade - Anton Dresler/Nicole Mackie
9th Grade - George Land/Anthony Harmon
8th Grade - Daniel Tejada/Krysten Porter            
7th Grade - Todd deVlaming/Chor Yang/Krysten Porter
Getting involved in extra-curricular activities is a good way for students to meet new people, develop new skills, make a contribution, and have some fun!

You can display your talents, develop your leadership and organizational abilities, learn to make decisions, manage your time, and enhance your people skills - all traits that will help you in high school and beyond.
Keep up to date with all MCAA Class and Club Activities in the Calendar below.