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ASB and Class Officers

ASB Officers 2021-2022

ASB Officers 2021-2022

President - Cynthia Urbina
Vice Presidents - Hope Cross
Secretary - Natalie Batchelder
Treasurer - Brendan Xiong
Communications/Publicist - Kevin Briceno
Activities Director - Jordan Castagna
SWAT Co-Presidents - Natalie Grissom, Xyler Villagomez
Class Officers 2021-2022

Class Officers 2021-2022

12th Grade President - Annie Fox
11th Grade President - Brinley Lopes
10th Grade President - Salma Alfaqeeh
9th Grade President - Saihej Grewal
8th Grade President - Lennon King
7th Grade President - To Be Determined

ASB Bookkeeper

Jennifer Furgerson is MCAA's ASB Bookkeeper. She can be reached at 749-6157 or