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Daily Bulletin


Friday, June 3, 2022
Good Morning, Dragons!!

Achieving Excellence through Collaboration and the Arts

Happy Last Day of School!! We hope you have a great summer!!

Happy Birthday:
Rana Abdur-Rahman Khan
Dylan Olenski
Conor Preston

Today is a district-wide minimum day. You will be released at 12:50. Buses will run on a
minimum day schedule. Please make sure your ride is here to pick you up.

Today is Day on the Green. You will go to ALL of your classes today. There will be a BBQ at

8 th graders- there will be an awards presentation during 3 rd block. Please report to the concrete
picnic tables.

8 th graders and seniors- promotion certificates and diplomas will be passed out after Day on the
Green. Tables will be set up in front of the office.
Ms. Yukos block 3 Choir, please go to room 15
Ms. Brown’s block 5 please go to room 16
Ms. Browns block 7 please go to room 19
 Drumline block 1 and beg guitar block 2 to be in M1

All MYCC classes will meet at the concrete picnic tables today. Do NOT go across the street for

Today is the last day of school. You will need to clean everything out of your lockers before the
end of the day. Any locks left on lockers will be cut off and all items inside the lockers will be
thrown away!

Please return all of your books to your teachers if you haven’t already done so. Please return
your checked out chromebooks to the school office.
Attention: Students who registered for AP Language, please stop by Room 8 to pick up your
required summer reading book before the end of the school year!
Duty Schedule for Week 5/23/22:
7:35-7:45 9:30-9:40 11:40-11:45 2:58-3:08
DeVlaming Dresler Duckels Fridrich
All staff members, please remember to check your mailbox in Room 15 daily.