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Graduation and Promotion Requirements

  • English   40 Credits
  • Integrated Math 1   10 Credits
  • Math 20 Credits
  • Life Science  10 Credits
  • Physical Science  10 Credits  
  • Other Science 10 Credits
  • World History  10 Credits
  • United States History  10 Credits
  • Civics (American Government)   5 Credits
  • Economics 5 Credits
  • Visual & Performing Arts/Foreign Language/Career Technical Education  20 Credits
  • Physical Education 20 Credits
  • Careers   5 Credits
  • Health   5 Credits
  • Electives   40 Credits
  • Total           220 Credits  
To view the complete Board Policies on graduation and participation in graduation ceremonies for the Marysville Joint Unified School District, please go to the MJUSD website at
Eighth Grade Promotion Requirements

Eighth Grade Promotion Requirements

Marysvile Charter Academy for the Arts

In order to be promoted from the Eighth Grade to the Ninth Grade (high school), eighth grade students must have a cumulative grade point average of 2.0 during their eighth grade year. The cumulative grade point average is determined by averaging the grades from all four quarters of the eighth grade year. Progress report grades are not considered as part of the cumulative grade point average.

Click the link here: to go to the school district website to view the entire Marysville Joint Unified School District Board Policies on Promotion and participation in promotion ceremonies.