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The Mathematics Department provides a strong and broad curriculum ranging from Math 7 to Advanced Placement Calculus.
All students are required to earn 30 high school math credits to graduate. For students who plan to attend a California State University or the University of California, 4 years of mathematics is recommended.

All classes meet the California Common Core Mathematics Content Standards for California Public Schools for grades 7 - 12.
MCAA's Math Department was the recent (2022) receipient of the prestigious "Golden Bell Award" from the California School Board Association for their innovative math intervention program. 

The MCAA Mathematics Faculty (to view specific teacher pages, please use the Teacher Pages/Contact menu at the top of the page):

Todd de Vlaming
  • Math 7
  • Integrated Math 3A/B
  • Pre-Calculus A/B
  • Advanced Placement Calculus
  • Math Support 11/12
George Land
  • Integrated Math 1
  • Integrated Math 2
  • Math Support 7/8
Chor Yang
  • Math 8
  • Integrated Math 3
  • AP Pre-Calculus 
  • Math Support 9/10