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dance team
MCAA Dance Department

The Dance Program at MCAA is dedicated to the total development each student: physically, emotionally, socially, and intellectually, through the structure of the dance art form. This dance and movement program recognizes and values dance as an artistic exploration, product, and process. Through the dance program students will develop technique and performance skills; discover and learn about the historical, cultural, and social elements of dance; create and organize movement vocabulary into artistic and aesthetic choreography; analyze dance in order to make aesthetic judgements using critical thinking skills as well as personal reflections; and begin to learn how to transfer the knowledge, skills, aesthetics, and art of dance through collaboration with peers.  


Lena Webb Magee
Classes Offered:
Meeting Physical Education requirements:
Dance Basics
Dance 2
Dance 1.5
Dance 3
Meeting Fine and Performing Arts requirements:
Intermediate A
Intermediate B
Advanced Dance