Dear Parents,
I hope you are all doing well. Unfortunately, we have not been able to begin the year with traditional on-site schooling. Instead, due to the pandemic, we have had to begin the academic year with distance learning. Our teachers and staff have been well trained and prepared for this situation. That being the case, you should notice a considerably higher quality distance learning program than what was experienced at the end of last semester. 

We have been helping our students become connected to their classes by providing “hot spots” to all of the families that need them. In most cases, this is very helpful in improving connectivity so that all of our students can join their virtual learning classes.   

Please continue to monitor your child’s grades and assignment completion by utilizing Aeries Gradebook. If your child is in need of help, please contact the teacher for that particular class or contact our school counselor, Angelica Zermeno. Remember that teachers have an intervention period between one and two in the afternoon, which is time set aside for teachers to help their students. Students can also get help from their teachers most of the day every Monday.

If you haven’t already done so, please create an account for the Aeries Parent Portal. Before creating a new account, you will need a verification pass code specific to your student, acquired by calling the MCAA office. The parent portal can be accessed from the MJUSD web site. You will select the Parent drop down menu and click on Aeries.net parent portal. If you need assistance with this, call the office at 749-6155.

This is a crazy time, but one that we will all persevere through until we can go back to our traditional way of schooling. 
Tim Malone 
Principal, MCAA