Dear Parents,

A brand new school year has begun! I am sure this year will be filled with exciting performances, dances, fundraisers, etc. This year the Beginning Drama students will be performing in a production of “Cinderella.” Our first performance of the school year will be “StarFlight,” which will take place in September. The Back-to-School Dance will be on Friday, September 7th in the school quad. This first dance is always very well attended.

Since it is the beginning of the school year, it is good to focus on your student’s academics concerning study habits and the many ways to get help for them. Each student should get into the habit of studying each night for the classes they had that day. This way, the new learning will be fresh in their mind. After studying and completing their homework, any questions they need clarified or problems they are having trouble completing and fully understanding should be brought to the teacher’s attention either the next day or the next time they have that particular class (a particular class occurs every other day). Another way to get help would be for your son/daughter to call or meet with another student that is doing well in that subject. We have student mentors available to help. Please see Mr. Coomes about these student mentors who are available through the SWAT (Students Who Are There) program. And, of course, in order to learn and achieve your potential, a student needs to try to be at school each and every day.

Also, please volunteer for events and/or the PTSA or Site Council. The PTSA plays a big role in raising money for our students and in volunteering at our many events throughout the year. The Site Council helps with governing the school.

Thank you in advance for all the guidance and help you provide for your child in order to ensure his/her success, and thank you for volunteering your precious time.



Tim Malone, Principal