Hello MCAA Students and Parents,

Happy Spring…it’s hard to believe we are already more than half-way through second semester!
Course registration for next year’s classes has just about wrapped up. Any students who missed out on this opportunity will be called in to make their selections. We have only entered course requests at this time so any students still needing to put in their requests haven’t missed out on anything, I promise! The schedule for next year will be finalized in the coming months using the information gathered through the course request process. Although there is no perfect schedule that allows all students to get every course they want, every effort will be made to limit conflicts whenever possible so students can get as many of the courses they need/want. If you have any questions about your student’s schedule for next year, please feel free to contact me.

The deadline is just around the corner for those seniors who plan to attend a 4-year university to submit
their Statement of Intent to Register (SIR). Even though students are often faced with difficult decisions when trying to determine where to go, they must meet all university deadlines in order to continue to be
eligible. Most colleges require students to submit a SIR by May 1st .
Any students planning to attend community college in the fall who need assistance with the enrollment process should stop by the Counseling Office for help.

Reminder: Juniors who plan to attend a 4-year university directly after high school should consider taking the SAT or ACT this spring. Remaining test dates are May 5th and June 2nd for the SAT and June 9th for
the ACT. Students can register online at www.collegeboard.org (SAT) or www.actstudent.org (ACT). Students
who meet specific income guidelines may qualify for two free fee waivers to take either test. For more information, please have your student see me.
Juniors should also be starting to seriously consider their options after high school. The application process for 4-year universities typically starts in the fall of senior year so students should have a good idea of where they want to apply when school begins in August. Research can be done online (www.calstate.edu, www.universityofcalifornia.edu, www.bigfuture.collegeboard.org and www.cappex.com are some examples) or by visiting campuses in person.

With promotion just around the corner, 8th graders need to be aware of their grades. Students are required
to have a cumulative grade point average of 2.0 over all four quarters to be eligible to participate in the promotion ceremony. Now that 3rd quarter grades have posted I will once again be working with any students who are not currently meeting that requirement.

Any high school students interested in taking courses at Yuba College over the summer or during the fall should check the schedule of classes on the college’s website (yc.yccd.edu) to see what is being offered. An application must be completed and students interested in taking math or English need to take a placement exam. Additionally, students need paperwork from me. Students will be allowed to begin registering May 19th . If you have questions about this process or would like additional information, please contact me.

And finally, congratulations to Manbir Sanghera! She competed in the Marysville
Rotary Speech contest last month and did a fantastic job!! Way to go Manbir!
Christy Spade
(530) 749-6157 x6232